Sunday, March 25, 2007

Portable Software..

It has been so long since I wrote a post here...
well, As usual the title is clear wt this post is about.. "Portable Software"... How many times you were about to use a PC to show someone sth on ur USB & then you find things like "ops, the software is not installed".. so I really like that solution so much.. "Portability"..

Maybe its not sth very new to technology, but I just knew about it recently.. With portable software, you can take your programs with you on ur USB drive, mp3, ipod.. etc & so u can never worry about whether the software that you are using is installed on any PC or not.. all that without leaving any personal data behind...

Not only application programs.. OS too can be portable.. I once used "Windows XP Live CD".. Just insert the CD & have windows running on your machine enabling you of accessing ur drivers as if u have windows installed.. it was pretty interesting..

Check out these ones (Most of them are OpenSource ;) )
Firefox Portable (I really like having my favorites anywhere with me)
OpenOffice Portable
Anti-Virus Portable (To protect ur storage from our nice FCIS virus)
PDF Viewer Portable
7-Zip File Archiver Portable