Thursday, May 24, 2007

DirectX 9.0 Game

Well, pretty nice fish :)
This is a screen shot from my graphics project.. Its a 3D game, I called it "Fishy".. Fishy is a blue hungry fish that swims in an ocean & you should try to fill fishy's stomach to 100% by eating smaller fishes.. & don't forget to watch out for the sharks ;) else fishy may die :(
Well, The exe is on the way.. I am just adjusting somethings & will put it here soon isAllah (maybe after exams to have all things done be ezn Allah)..

Fishy-by Roaa Mohammed: Copyright reserved

Monday, May 07, 2007

& the Projects start...

Last post was long ago.. anyway, here I am again..
well.. we started working on our college projects during these days.. yesterday was our analysis project delivery.. I won't talk a lot about it.. but there's sth I learnt from that project which is.. that I can NEVER be a system analysist... not because I'm bad in it (el 7amdolelelah we did a good job in our proj) but beacuse this job doesn't fit me at all.. I really can't imagine working one day as a system analysist.. :S

Anyway.. about other projects.. we are still working on the archi ,graphics package & those boring database systems.. & like last term, I am opening suggestions for our graphics project cause till now we didn't decide anything to do.. Its should be done using Directx 9.0... If anyone has any ideas, comments are very welcomed.. :)
Waiting for any ideas.. (Note: The idea must be applicable to be done in less than 2 weeks!!!)

c u next posts..