Thursday, September 21, 2006

Google Egypt

Google Egypt Campaign
Our mission is to facilitate the creation of a Google Development Center in Egypt...

* Attract Google to open a branch in Egypt.
* This means many IT jobs for Egyptian developers.
* Participating in the development of Google's latest high techs.
* Give a chance to Egyptian Developers to work at World Class level.

Gr8 news.. Seems Google is going to open a branch here in Egypt finally... horray...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I read that article comparing PHP & ASP.NET for building web applications.. its a good comparision, check it out PHP vs ASP.NET

Monday, September 11, 2006

The only logical answer...

Why do u need Microsoft Excel while u have Google SpreadSheets , NumSum , IRows ??

Why do u use Microsoft Word if u can use Writely, ThinkFree, Windows Live Writer , Zoho Writer ??

Why do u install Msn Messenger, G-Talk or Yahoo Messenger while u can replace them by Meebo, E-Messenger, MSN WebMessenger or Yahoo WebMessenger ??

Why don't u use BasePortal web-based database platform for the creation of databases for simple webpages??

Why do u keep attaching files many times to send them in e-mails while u can just type links to the files in ur Box account or Google pages??

Why do u need "My Videos" folder while u have now Google Video & YouTube ??

Why do u have problems sharing pictures while u have Picasa WebAlbums , Windows Live Gallery & Web Gallery Mate ??

Why don't u use a Web Operating System like YouOs & EyeOS to customize & access ur desktop from anywhere ??
or maybe use EyeOS Virtual Desktop ??

& many more "Why" questions.......

I think the ONLY logical Answer to all the previous WHY-Questions can be...
"I don't have an internet connection" :) ..

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Trying is an online storage service.. There's a feature here where u can send ur files to ur blog, I'm just trying it...
Anyway, its nice (althought is only 1 GB), try it urself

BTW, This is "Art of Programming contests" book for anyone interested in ACMing :)

Friday, September 08, 2006

Dual-Core & HyperThreading

Many of us heard about 'Dual core' processors that intel has recently made.. wt's new in this processor?? Actually this processor is sth like two single-core processors working together.. dual-core enable twice the thread-handling capability of any other processor...

The Q here is 'wt do I -as a developer- have to do with this??'
well.. when u have a dual-core processor & u don't make ur application HyperThreaded its the same as when u have a car that can run on the fifth gear while u insist driving it on the first gear... so, we -developers- must learn how to make any application hyperthreaded in order to full use the cababilities of the hardware & have high performance for our applications..

Talking about HyperThreading.... I'd like first to clarify the difference between Multi-tasking, Mutli-Threading & Hyper-Threading:
Multi-tasking is the ability of the OS to execute more than one program simultaneously, but in reality no two programs can be executed in the single processor at the same time.. The CPU just switches bet programs so quickly that appears as if the programs are executing at the same time..
Multi-Threading is when the OS can execute different threads of a program at the same time..
Hyper-Threading is simultaneous Multi-threading allowing two threads to be run in parallel..

You can check the following link to understand more about HyperThreading: Introduction to HyperThreading

How to make an application hyperthreaded??.. actually, I'm still a beginner in that.. but wait for a coming post containing some code samples so soon isAllah..

That's all for now..
c u next post isAllah..


btw, This topic was introduced to me in the 'HyberThreading' session that was made for us in ShadiSystems company by eng/Ramy (intel developer)

Friday, September 01, 2006

3D Desktop

DGP has developed their own 3D desktop prototype that uses physics to arrange the icons...
It's 3D, physics-ruled environment looks like an actual desktop where you can pile ur icons, stretch them everywhere on the screen, Drag & cross... etc...
It really amazed me.. althought it might not be of any use (at least for me)...

Watch the Video