Friday, December 29, 2006

Algorithms project

The day before yesterday was our Algorithms project discussion.. Our project was to implement Prim's (Minimum spanning tree) algorithm..
Well, There isn't much to say.. Thank Allah, It was good (at least for me), Dr Abdalah didn't ask me a question actually.. The only bad thing was that we had to wait a lot till an assistant is free to ask us.. & also we waited a looot again for the Dr for the oral exam..

Anyway, I'm dial-up now.. so I'll upload the exe & put a link for it here when the DSL is back in sha2 Allah...
(Actually, the DSL is back.. but I dont feel like uploading things & putting links.. later on isAllah.. )

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Assembly Project..

Today, was our Assembly project discussion..
First, About the project.. we were intending to make a text editor (Windows Application) then we were afraid that the Dr may not like that (as most code is invoking & using for Windows APIs using Assembly which is new for him -for sure).. so we decided to include Encryption & Decryption in it (just in case).. Anyway, we called our project "Texryptor" (Text Editor that encrypts & decrypts).. It doesnt look very nice --esp made in buttons not in menus cause we didn't have much time :( --
(but after all its windows application by Assembly ;) )

Anyway, Thank Allah the project discussion was good (Dr Kareem & Dr Mahmoud Hossam.. wt do u expect).. & Thank Allah that the Dr was praying when we entered...

I just want to mention sth.. sth that happened today to our colleagues.. They made a very nice project.. & when the Dr saw it.. he became angry & shouted at them "I didnt require that from u.. seems u got it from somewhere online.. & .. bla bla bla... !!!"
Really I'm very very angry.. I really can't find words to say but "7asby Allah w na3ma al wakeel"..

Anyway, Still the Algo is left tom isAllah... Allah Al Mosta3an...

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Prolog Project..

Today was my prolog exam & project discussion... Thank Allah, I did well..
Our Project is an implementation to A* Algorithm..
Here's a link to view our prolog project.. (of course, after my team mates permission ;) )
A* Algorithm Implementation using Prolog (5.2)
(Note: you must also download the pictures from here & unzip them to the D:\ directly)

Project Documentations

BTW, today was the best project discussion for me (since I entered FCIS).. I mean "best" by HOW the assistants discuss the project.. Today, I was not asked much neither was I left after hearing nth but "nice looks nice".. but instead we had a discussion about the Algorithm, some observations like "you'd better have done so & so....", how A* is used in games... etc.. (Dr Mahmoud showed me sth like our project idea made in C++ & animated.. it looked really gr8).. bgd Thanks a lot Dr Mahmoud Zeidan...

Anyway, Hope next projects are better isAllah..
oh, I almost forgot.. Waiting for ur feedbacks :)

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

My Memorizer..

Well, This is one of the best services I ever found in the online services world..

My Memorizer.. Its a web calendar with a very nice feature, which is that you can make the reminder by "sending sms" to ur mobile to remind you with the things you set on ur calendar (2 sms/day) & it also sends u a mail (if u want)..
I tried this today & I recieved the sms on my mobile on the time I specified...

Give it a try, its really good..

Sunday, December 17, 2006

You are a Programmer IF...

1- You have more than a document file on your desktop called "To Do"..
2- You start counting from zero...
3- You can find some code in a folder on ur PC & you wonder when & how you made this code !?
4- You may stay awake a whole night trying to fix a bug, then when u go asleep, you dream of the solution...
5- You don't like most of the softwares in the market...
6- You forget to eat or sleep cause you were too busy writing some piece of code..
7- You stress the words IF, THEN .. ELSE.. while speaking..
8- You always search for the undo button (ctr+z) when u mistake in doing any handwritten stuff..
9- Most of your speech is not understood except by your colleagues in college or work..
10-You find yourself writing a semi-colon at the end of any sentence instead of a full stop;
11-You estimate lengths better in pixels than in meters & centimeters..
12-You use the eye-drops as frequent as you use the toothpaste...
13-The First words you write when trying sth new are "Hello World"...
14-You never used that device that looks like a computer screen & called "TV"
15-You -every now & then- wake up with the keyboard imprinted on your face..

(To be Continued...)

(Some Copied & some written... Copyright reserved)

Friday, December 15, 2006


Nowadays, we are at the end of the first semester & there are projects that we should do before the practical exams..
Time is really so limited & also the Doctors are not helpful at alll..

Algorithms project --> Minimum Spanning Tree (Prim's algo)
Assembly project --> still not done & also we are having many problems cause we are afraid from the Dr's reaction..
Prolog project --> Not Determined yet.. please if u have a good idea, let us know..

I just wanted to write this post as a kind of motive to myself cause I'm really upset from many things & I'm losing my spirit...
Pray for us please...
isAllah, I will send links for the projects after they are delivered..