Monday, January 28, 2008

EDC 2008

Many did ask me about the timing of Microsoft EDC (Egypt Developer Conference) - previously known as the MDC- , so I'm publishing it here
The EDC will be on 13-15 April in intercontinental City Stars, The Reservation is still closed but I'll put the link as soon as it's available in shaa Allah..

Friday, January 04, 2008

Open Sourcing - Image Package

During the past days, we were delivering our projects for this semester after long days of working & coding..
At the end of these days, I started to think with my friends "what are we going to do really with this code?" .. I thought a lot about the end of previous years projects & I found that all of them are just resting in a folder called "projects" on my PC .. so I had a different idea this time.. "what about making our projects open source for anyone to learn from it??".. my friends approved & that was the beginning..
so here is the link for our image processing package (version1) on Google Code ::
Image Processing Package

(Image.cs (contains most of the implementation) & the exe uploaded only till now, Full version will be uploaded immediately after some bugs fixing in shaa Allah)