Friday, August 04, 2006

Atlas framework

What is Atlas?
This is a new web development technology from Microsoft that integrates cross-browser client script libraries with the ASP.NET 2.0 server-based development framework.. Its even considered an extension for ASP.NET...
Atlas is Microsft implementation of Ajax.. instead of using Ajax & sometimes writing a lot of javascript code, Atlas has same Ajax techniques with more simple & easy use...
I will write here about the 3 MOST nice features I found in Atlas..

Using Update Panel:
This is a gr8 thing really.. Anything you will put in an update panel will work without refreshing you page.. This can be done by using 2 simple steps..
1- Enablepartialrendering=true in the scrip manager part
2- Put ur controls in the 'content tempate' in the Updatepanel & events in the 'triggers'


Using UpdateProgress:
This is a very nice thing actually.. its mainly for displaying stuff, but it looks nice.. After the Update Panel.. u can add this to show to the user that the page is updating & sth is working.. & the output should like like this pic..


Using Auto-complete Extender
Instead of writing a loooot of JavaScript Code to make an auto-complete textbox.. now with atlas, its really so simple... I just couldn't believe I can do it by ONLY 3 lines of code!!!!
Just make a [Web Method] that returns array of strings that are suppose to appear in the txtbox..& specify the Method Name & path in the code... simple, right??? ;)


That's all for now... I hope this was of any use to anyone.. for further reading & downloading the framework, check the Link ..
c u next post isAllah...

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