Monday, September 11, 2006

The only logical answer...

Why do u need Microsoft Excel while u have Google SpreadSheets , NumSum , IRows ??

Why do u use Microsoft Word if u can use Writely, ThinkFree, Windows Live Writer , Zoho Writer ??

Why do u install Msn Messenger, G-Talk or Yahoo Messenger while u can replace them by Meebo, E-Messenger, MSN WebMessenger or Yahoo WebMessenger ??

Why don't u use BasePortal web-based database platform for the creation of databases for simple webpages??

Why do u keep attaching files many times to send them in e-mails while u can just type links to the files in ur Box account or Google pages??

Why do u need "My Videos" folder while u have now Google Video & YouTube ??

Why do u have problems sharing pictures while u have Picasa WebAlbums , Windows Live Gallery & Web Gallery Mate ??

Why don't u use a Web Operating System like YouOs & EyeOS to customize & access ur desktop from anywhere ??
or maybe use EyeOS Virtual Desktop ??

& many more "Why" questions.......

I think the ONLY logical Answer to all the previous WHY-Questions can be...
"I don't have an internet connection" :) ..


cliff said...

Hi, I am from EditGrid, another online spreadsheet like Google Spreadsheets, NumSum and iRows. Would you mind to give a try? I am sure you would find it interesting.

Anonymous said...

Another IM website is you should give it a try i'm sure you will like it.

Anonymous said...

For Web Operating System, you should try:

- Purefect Desktop:
- DesktopTwo:
- Goowy:

Anonymous said...

I like a lot.

Roaa said...

Maybe I can add Msn Soapbox to the videos..