Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Yahoo !!!!

Yesterday, while I was checking my yahoo mail.. the number of unread mails made me surprised !!
I'm sure you are now thinking about (1000 unread) ones or sth.. but here's wt I found in the title of my page : "(-9 unread)" !!!!!!!!

Its one of the funniest bugs I ever saw :D :D .. so I just thought of sharing this here.. the only excuse is that Yahoo mail is still in Beta.. Anyway, here's the screen shot..


Asmaa Magdi said...

as a programmer :D, i thought about this bug and 7awelt a-analyze the cause of it :D

maaaaaaaybe, they have a counter numOfOpenedMsgs which they increment kol ma tefta7y any message (even el opened before) fa lw fata7ty nafs el msg twice hayeb2a numOfOpenedMsgs = 2 though it's only one opened msg ;)
lamma yeego yetra7o b2a hayetla3 7agat bel minus :D

bas nice post :D

][B][E][B][O][ said...

why dont u look frm another perspective ... they may made it as a joke to tell u that u a not using the yahoo scence alot of time ... ;)

it is my first comment on this blog coz i found it bel sodfa ( i dont know wht doz SODFA mean in English :)) when i was searching a topic about jetbrains .. :)