Monday, May 07, 2007

& the Projects start...

Last post was long ago.. anyway, here I am again..
well.. we started working on our college projects during these days.. yesterday was our analysis project delivery.. I won't talk a lot about it.. but there's sth I learnt from that project which is.. that I can NEVER be a system analysist... not because I'm bad in it (el 7amdolelelah we did a good job in our proj) but beacuse this job doesn't fit me at all.. I really can't imagine working one day as a system analysist.. :S

Anyway.. about other projects.. we are still working on the archi ,graphics package & those boring database systems.. & like last term, I am opening suggestions for our graphics project cause till now we didn't decide anything to do.. Its should be done using Directx 9.0... If anyone has any ideas, comments are very welcomed.. :)
Waiting for any ideas.. (Note: The idea must be applicable to be done in less than 2 weeks!!!)

c u next posts..


Haytham Alaa said...

Alsalam alikom wa ra7mat Allah wa barakatoh

Rabena m3ako we m3ana gamee3an...

About the Graphics Project, I can't estimate project duration well... but here are some suggestions:
- 3D Puzzle (3D Clipping, 3D-2D Projection)
- 3D Snake (Object Collision detection,... )
- Ball game {Gulf, PingPong, Tennis}... (Physics-Projectile, Object Collision reaction)
- 3D Desktop (looks big) (3D-2D Projection, GDI, WinAPIs)
- World Editor: put terrains, objects, models... etc... something like 3D Studio Max but smaller and oriented to world modeling... (3DS Loader, Projectionssss, maybe you Add animations)

Long comment... I know... maybe they are complicated...

Good luck anyway...
Let us know when you decide the project ;)

Alsalam alikom wa ra7mat Allah wa barakatoh

Nosayba said...

Assalam Alaykom,

Roaa, Jazaky Allah kheir for your comment :) I decided to check out your blog as well and Im pretty much enjoying it!

Haytham Alaa, this was the person who motivated me to create my blog in the first place; nice to see you here Haytham :)

Graphics, I heard the CS students here also go deep into graphics and take a course and project in it as well. We don't, unfortunately, we just waste that time in studying detailed computer architecture and electronics courses :) BUT, if I think of something cute I'll share it for sure! I like the 3D Desktop thing, sounds pro! ;)


Asmaa Magdi said...

eh da ya Nosayba enty wasalty hena ezay :D :D

Roaa said...

Al Salamo 3alikom..

Thanks Haytham Alaa for ur suggestions, so sorrowfully we won't have time to make sth very good :( (till now we didn't start yet!!)

About what we will do, we are going ,In Shaa Allah, to make sth like 'air xonix' game (if u heard about it).. heya feeha collisions w kedah, hope we find time to complete it (ya raaab)...

Nosayba, nice to see you here :) .. thanks for the comment..

Asmaa, you are always curious as ever :D

Asmaa Magdi said...

3ndek mane3 :huuh

// I'm always huuh too ;)

Roaa said...

Well, we decided not to do "Air Xonix" as it will be time consuming & esp we haven't started yet till now :)
so.. when we decide I will let u know in shaa Allah.. Hope its before the delivery time !!!

Nosayba said...

Roaa when you make a final decision e-mail me with it!!! *YAAAAWN* ..
lol Just teasing you :D Allah ywaf2ek ya Rab ;)

Asmaa Magdi! :D
Here we are again, why don't we start a female CS and CE revolution while we're at it. Nice to see ya here dear :) Hope you're practicing already for next year's ICPC;)

Asmaa Magdi said...

sam3a ya Roaa :D, 3ayzeen ne-practice b2a after exams isAllah ;)

"why don't we start a female CS and CE revolution while we're at it."
Yeah Why Not ;) :P

bass howa meen "CE" de :D ? Computer Engineering masalan 8-) ?? aw Compiler Error :D

Roaa said...

Nosayba, wake up.. I made a decision :D , check last post..

Asmaa, heya bas el exams te3addy 3ala 7'eer w ana a3mel ay 7aga be ezn Allah.. :)