Thursday, June 28, 2007

MS Internship.. (1)

Edited on 17th July::
Well, I was mistaken about the internship, It turned to be a technical one.. not pure technical, but that is wt makes it interesting.. MS working environment is more than gr8 & I'm enjoying wt I do esp the new people I got to know there..
That's all..

Well, during exams I was told by a friend of mine that MS egypt is finally making its first internship to accept trainees, I applied & was expecting an assessment test by 14/6.. later on it was postponed to 24/6 & I was told that the test is from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (total of 8 hrs!!!)..

Anyway, on 24/6 I went to MS in smart village & when I entered there were another 14 from AUC & AAST.. & then we were told to enter a room for the test... & here was the shock, They told us that the test is not related to programming, it will be a self-evaluation test!! ... at first we didn't get why.. then they told us that the internship is a non-technical one.. some of us discussed that with the person responsible for this & finally she told him sth like "in case u are accepted, you can go through another coding test to see if u can join the development team or not but still I'm not sure about this"... anyway, we started the assessment test, The assessment test was a practical one & according to ur actions in each activity, u r evaluated... They wanted to see how good u r in presentation skills, self-confidence, team work.. etc..
Well, It was really so FUN (I admit) .. but this is not why I went to MS Egypt !!

Anyway, Today I received a mail that I was selected from those who are granted the internship.. & I am still really so confused.. To go or not to go !??
I'm sure it will be a gr8 personal experience, but it has nth to do with our profession..

I dunno really.. Should I go or not !?


Asmaa Magdi said...

bossy ya RoRo, ha2ollek 3la 7al wasat we isAllah yerdy gamee3 el atraf (elly howa enty y3ny :D).

el mohem, as I heard from u that this internship would be only for one month. And there are other "Technical" internships that lasts for only one month too (I think ITWorx we keda), so anyway u can apply in another technical internship for a training that starts after finishing ur MS training.

bgd don't miss this chance. plus there is a possibility that u work in technical stuff after that other coding test.

bgd lw 7'adty el MS de we b3daha intenship tanya hayeb2a 7aga eshta 7'ales, we hateb2y estafady fel technical we fel management we de 7aga ma7addesh beye3melha fe summer wa7ed. bass enty oddamek el chance ennek te3meleehom both in one summer vacation :D.

Go for it ya benty (Y) we sally este7'ara bardo akeed we isAllah Rabbena yehaya2lek elly feeh el 7'eer. u deserve it ya RoRo (K) and ana sa3eeda awy ennek Accepted :D we kont mota2akeda en enty will make it ;) :D

Wish you the best of the best isAllah.

Roaa said...

Thanks Asmaa for ur advice..

Actually, the internship is during July & September.. & August is a vacation.. I thought about the solution u mentioned, but in this case this means I won't be able to travel, to take some rest, to spend time with my family & friends.. etc

Till now I asked about 11 persons about their opinions, & its 50% telling me to go & another 50% telling me not to go..

Anyway, I -kind of- decided to go on sunday -in shaa Allah- to see how things will go & then I take the final decision..

Pray for me please..
T U again :)

Mahmoud Hosam said...

asalam 3alikom,

First, alf mabrook, and second, asmaa is talking right about that u need to have management skill also in the profession.

el management wel presentation skills are good things for any one in our profession, plus being in the middle of the people of a huge (and somehow successful...) IT company (I mean MS) is a unique experience.

and by the way, technical experience is something u can gain somehow with self-study or group-study, (masalan u can engage a project in the summer during ur spare time that teachs u a technical skill u need...), but management and presentation skills are not that easy to get by self-study o even group-study

aham 7aga, 2ista7'eery ALLAH, we rabena yewfa2ek ISA

mmmzeg said...

Salamo 3alikom and Congratulations Roaa and God help you ISAllah

I also stress the words by Mahmoud and and as you are surveying I want to say:

Why are you worried about the technical experience, You will gather it if not today it will be tomorrow when you finish your studies and start working.

I think even developers working in MS Redmond don't gather the huge amount of technical experience we think, The more important thing to them is the working environment and devlopement cycle, and management process they see there.

They may not use latest technology releases like .net, they may code using low level C or even assembly.

Instead there may be small developers that work in a small company and work heavily and gather a lot of technical experience, "They may be buried under the steps" so they are not satisfied as they miss something "The good working environment".

So I think to see the management precess and working environment like MS is very important thing to you now, You may not find this chance easily after graduation.

Good luck

Noha Mahmoud said...

assalamu 3alikom

alf mabrook ya ottety, i'm happy for u bgd :)

well, i understand how u feel but i want u to look at the bright side:

1)dont worry much about technical skills, u can work on anything with ppl u told me about, this wont be restricting u as u said that u dont want to be pressured toool el agaza + u'll still get wat u want which is: technical experience

2) not every one knows really about the things that u will learn there, i think u'll be one of the few ppl how will be having such managerial experience!...u'll be unique :D

3) working at MS!! this is Something to write in ur CV

4) akeed they will teach u ayy 7aga, mesh haysebooko keda

5) the is really a Blessing, it's like that "rabbena i5tassik beeha" , i think u should have it

do u want more reasons !!!...kefaya keda.. but i had just 2 comments ma3lesh

a- el taraddod el zeyada mn el shaytaaan( ista3eezy bellah menno), just pray isti5ara & decide, & isAllah Allah will bless u watever ur decision will be....

b- just wondering,how did 50% tell u yes w homma aslan 11, does this mean that 5.5 said yes & 5.5 said no!! 8-) :D:D

c u soon ottety, rabbena yerdeeeki w yshra7 sadrik w yoreeki al7aqqa 7aqqan wa yarzoqik ettiba3ah

Nada said...

First of all, Mabrooook my dear Karamilla, fe3lan you deserve being in MS bgd.

Second, i really think that taking this adventure is soo great.. you have made a technical internship before el 7amd lel Allah so its a good chance to go through this new style internship /*i mean it's not ur first internship so, its time take new style internship, Why Not ?!*/ specially that it will be in a super successful company (MS) which means that it will be fruitful experience in shaa Allah.

Then, as all said before, acquiring management, presentation .. etc skills beside technical skills is something gr888 and sure is required especially in successful companies and that's why a company like MS gives an internships in it as it need this.

And from another point of view, almost all peoples in our field take technical internships, so when sending ur CV to any company, seeking for a job in shaa Allah, technical internships will be something common in all CVs, but a non-technical internship and in a company like MS sure will be something special and will be taken in to consideration. /* and if the company that u sent to is MS(i mean applying to work in MS) sure u will have a priority among other candidates */

Also, i think when working in MS environment; sure u will get some valuable technical information, and may be in shaa Allah u can get a technical internship there //or any where else in the rest month.

Finally, tawakali 3ala Rabena wa esta7'erih, and he will put u on the right way in shaa Allah .. especially because for ur white heart and naya tayaba ..

Roaa said...

First, Thanks you everybody for ur comments & advices.. They are really so useful..

To Dr Mahmoud Hossam, Thanks for ur advice, u mentioned a very good point to be considered.. "management and presentation skills are not that easy to get by self-study or even group-study"

To Dr Mahmoud Zidan, about ur question "Why are you worried about the technical experience, You will gather it if not today it will be tomorrow".. mm.. I dunno, I just have the fear that I will waste 2 months in sth not relevant to my field 2we, while during those months I could do a lot of other things.. maybe I'm mistaken.. or maybe I can do sth beside this..

To Noha, Jazakee Allaho 7'ayran.. I like ur comment (esp in points ;)) & about the 11 persons, Asmaa was number 12 so its 50% :)

To Nada, Thanks for ur comment.. u mentioned "MS environment".. yeah, thats from the things that makes the internship really attractive ;) :)

Thanks everybody really, you made me think about things I didn't think about before.. I really consider ur comments the result of my este7'ara..
Jazakom Allaho 7'ayran katheeraaan..

Sarah Elsayed said...

Al Salam 3licom,

first , i want to congratulate u for this event i know that came later

second, i see that ur decision is an optimal.:D:D

Rabena yewafa2ek
we yorzo2ek
el naga7 we el fala7
we yenawar basertek lel asla7 da2maa
Allhom ma Amen

Asmaa Magdi said...

I'm exteremely Happy for u ya Roaa :D.


U r "raf3a ras el banat" as Mona Wagdy used to tell u ;)