Friday, December 07, 2007

ANARC 2007

The Past days were the 10th Arab & North Africa Regional Contest (ANARC)..
My Team participated in it (Why Not!? Team).. Although we didn't get a good ranking (21th), yet it was a very good experience & that's why I'm writing about it here..

I'd like to mention the mistakes that I feel we did.. I'm writing them for anyone to learn from:
- Time ran so quick that we didn't notice the time except when there were only 2 hours left..
- We didn't read the problem statement of one problem very well which lead to getting WA for one test case..
- 75% of Regional contest problems are trivial adhoc problems & the other 20% are dynamic ones.. we focused on other algorithms before traveling, but that wasn't helpful in the contest.. we should have practiced testing silly adhoc problems maybe !!
- In some cases, Don't use strings, use character arrays instead..
I don't remember more now, but I'll update in case I did..

I won't talk about personal feelings here, but all I can say that I truly feel that if we participated next year, I think it will be different in shaa Allah..


Mohammed A.Aziz said...

I could see the glory is back, in a new-look, to FCIS next year n-sha2-ALLAH

Yasmine Magdi said...

I am glad to c u writing about ur experience in that spirit.
In my opinion, the important thing is that you have learned sth from that. The rank is not everything, we live to learn, and as u said what u have learned will make you better next year isA.
Rabbena yewafa2ko isA.

Roaa Mohammed said...

Thanks for ur comment & for believing in us.. wish we don't let u down next time -in shaa Allah- as we always do..

yes, that's very true.. having the experience is the only thing that made me not that much annoyed.. el 7amdolellah..
Thanks for your comment.. :)

Nosayba said...

Not just the experience, it's the FUNNNNNNNNNNN for God's sake :D

My team had a close ranking to yours, and el7amdulellah TONS of funs to go along with it :) It was an unforgettable experience.. I really speak the truth when I say we didn't care about the ranking..but maybe it's because you gals trained harder you felt a little down, but NEVER do please; the FUN you must have had together is NOT going to happen very often ;) God I loved those 4 precious days! :)

Glad to have visited your blog, it's been a long time, send my greetings to your charmed teammates :)

Roaa Mohammed said...

well, I didn't ignore the fun part, but the reason I was writing this post was to write down the mistakes so as not to repeat them in case we had the chance to re-join in shaa Allah (I left the fun part for Asmaa to write ;) )
also I don't think the FUN would ever overcome the feeling of failure however fun it was..
Anyway, Thanks Nosayba for your comment :)