Friday, January 04, 2008

Open Sourcing - Image Package

During the past days, we were delivering our projects for this semester after long days of working & coding..
At the end of these days, I started to think with my friends "what are we going to do really with this code?" .. I thought a lot about the end of previous years projects & I found that all of them are just resting in a folder called "projects" on my PC .. so I had a different idea this time.. "what about making our projects open source for anyone to learn from it??".. my friends approved & that was the beginning..
so here is the link for our image processing package (version1) on Google Code ::
Image Processing Package

(Image.cs (contains most of the implementation) & the exe uploaded only till now, Full version will be uploaded immediately after some bugs fixing in shaa Allah)


Ahmed Mounir said...

alSalam 3alikom
I am from Alexandria University and we aren't studying anything about image processing there in Alex, but my graduation project is about computer vision and I will use image processing...
May I use this package?
Also "if you want" you may add my gmail username to the project and I may help in documenting the package for easier future usage

Roaa Mohammed said...

w 3alikom el salam..

well, of course you can use it (it's for public now) & I'll be happy to give you any help in case you want.. (you'll find my email in the google code page)
Regarding helping in documenting the package for future usage, that would be really nice.. so if you can send me your gmail username to add you to the project members..

Wish you good luck in your grad. project..

Ahmed Mounir said...


Thanks so much :)

كريم said...

We Really Miss This Mentality On Our Arabic Internet .. Really Thanks .. Best Wishes ..

jamshid ' iran said...


very good