Friday, February 13, 2009

The Undocumented Feature

Hello everybody,

Well, I just want to mention a small trick that many may already know, but many may not.. It's about copying & pasting the text that appears in a MessageBox, many times that is needed during development, but yet it is not documented in msdn or any other Microsoft resource..
The thing is that you can indeed copy text in a message box using simply (Ctr+C) and then pasting the copied text in any editor (Ctr+V), and it ends up having sth like that..


I can imagine that this feature was made out of a dev's passion :) ..  anyway, It is really a useful thing to know.. Happy development !!


Anonymous said...

oh No!!!
i really needed to know the feature more than once.
i can tell u another thing :)
on Vista when u "right click" -on a file or anywhere- press "shift" n u'll see other options
i don't know why did they hide things like this
anyway i'm now linuxing (Y)

Roaa Mohammed said...

Oh really, I always wished windows will have a "copy as path" -of the 'other options' that I just discovered- ,that's gr8 :D

Thanks for the info :D .. we can collect all those in a post..

In my current situation now, I can say windows is the best :huh

Anonymous said...

i've already made that once here
and waiting to collect some others for another topic
"windows is the best"
nothing to be said except LOL :D