Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Microsoft Maren

We’re pleased to announce that today the Cairo Microsoft Innovation Center (CMIC) is releasing Microsoft Maren, a Windows extension that allows you to type Arabic in Roman characters and have it converted on the fly to Arabic script.  Maren integrates seamlessly with Windows and works in most Windows applications and websites.
We are inviting you to download and install Maren from: www.GetMaren.com

So please help us out and spread the word:
·         Tell people about GetMaren.com
·         Join the Facebook group


Ramy Mahrous said...

I like it gdn gdn (Y) ma shaa allah great work.

Mohamed Abd El-Monem said...

WOW , very nice (Y)

Dalia Sh said...

فانتستيك بجد لذيذ اوييييي :D:D:D

( I used Maren now :D :) )

Anonymous said...

Hi Roaa, could you give me an email to contact you ? I would like to ask you something in private about your blog -> kant59400/at/gmail//com