Saturday, June 17, 2006

Trying Office 2007 (Beta)

I am using Office 2007 (beta)... I like the layout so much… its my favorite blue color… :)I am just trying to publish a post through this office… hope it works…

Really, I like it so much… I like the new features…Anyway, if any of my dear blog readers would like to try it, just let me know, I will send it to u as soon as u want… or maybe you can sign up at Microsoft’s web site for trying the Betas… I really do wish to try the windows vista… so soon isAllah…gtg now… salamo 3alikom….

1 comment:

Asmaa Magdi said...

Sob7an Allah :D

When Zizo got the office 2007 beta he did the same thing :D
Tried to publish a post through it :D.

Ok, I wanna try it. And wait for my post elly ha-try it feeh :P:P

Enjoy it RoRo we 3ayzeen neshoof new posts soooooooon ;)