Friday, May 26, 2006

OOP Project 2

Here I am again...
I took a break 4 a while & just thought about completing the post..
btw, I heard today that there is competition or sth like that for the projects & a friend confirmed that... I dunno, but maybe I will think of enrolling.. I dunno if its too late or wt.. 8-)

Anyway, back to the proj.. still I wanna show u 2 more things.. The print preview & the notification...

About the printpreview... sure u will wonder what's new in that.. actually I posted before a post here about "Multipages" printing.. I couldnt before support that in any application I made.. but this was solved.. mmm.. just make a function that returns bool to check ur current y ... & in case its true, make the e.HasMorePages = true;
//here is the imp part:
if((CurrentY > pageHeight - pageMarginBottom)&&(!pageLandscape))
return true;

Here comes the last thing in the proj that deserves watching..
Its a notification at the right side of the screen (as that of msn , yahoo.... ).. its idea is soooo simple, but the output looks nice..... now in order to make a notifier, we need to know the resolution of out screen in order to determine where will our form apear.. actually this can be solved easily with the function: Screen.GetWorkingArea(this) then with little math calculations & good use of timers to make the moving effect, u will get wt u need.. :)

I gtg now to complete studying a small part then go to sleep ISA.. :)

Exams are coming &.... Hope we all do well ISA.. :)


Asmaa Magdi said...

It was gr8 ya Roaa mawdoo3 el notification da (Y)
I liked it a lot ;)
U know, things like this, although it's simple as u said, bass bet7'ally fe3lan el projects gamda awy.

About the competition, I think enohom kano beya7'do asamy el nas elly 3amleen projects gamda men el dof3a kolaha.
y3ne mafeehash eshterak aw 7aga :D so don't worry u r not too late :D.

Roaa said...

I just thought of leaving this comment for myself for memory (so late comment)..
well.. el 7amdolellah.. my project was chosen among the best 4 projects for this course.. :)