Tuesday, January 02, 2007

You are a Programmer IF (Cont)...

This is a completion to a previous post You are a Programmer IF

16- You have a volatile Memory like RAM..
17- You write C++,C# or Java better than u write your own language..
18- You don't think wearing sports shoes with a suit is strange..
19- You remember all your passwords, but fail to remember you own birth date..
20- The world 'Engine' reminds you of games more than of cars..
21- Anytime you see a penguin, you think of Linux..
22- You have a LAN in your room..
23- You're the highest-paid yet the worst-dressed person in the office..
24- You follow the instructions only if everything else fails..
25- You use F1 instead of SOS..

(Most if them are Copied.. Copy right reserved)


Asmaa Magdi said...

Ok, ha-continue :D

16: Sorry, what was this point ??!!

17: I didn't compare actually, but today when I was at work, one of the developers asked one of the translators about the easiest language in the world and the first thing that came into my mind was: C++ :D

18: Well, it's not an error.
// just a warning :P

19: mesh awy keda :D. I do remember lots of birth dates of my family and friends and can't really know why birth dates bezzat 8-)

20: yes fe3lann :D
// word not world :huuh

21: mesh ha-comment 3la da. u know my first comment on it :D.

22: in my brothers room actually.

23: masma7lekeesh te2ooly 3laya keda :huuh. ana highest paid :|

24: yesssss :D, good one (Y)

25: y3ny, mesh awy :D

nice post :D, waiting for more bardo isAllah ;)

Hesham A.Megid said...

You are an amateur programmer if you think there are 1000 bytes in a kilobyte....

You are a real programmer if you think there are 1024 meters in a kilometer!! :)

Roaa Mohammed said...

I really like that one :D
Thanks for the comment, Hesham..