Sunday, December 17, 2006

You are a Programmer IF...

1- You have more than a document file on your desktop called "To Do"..
2- You start counting from zero...
3- You can find some code in a folder on ur PC & you wonder when & how you made this code !?
4- You may stay awake a whole night trying to fix a bug, then when u go asleep, you dream of the solution...
5- You don't like most of the softwares in the market...
6- You forget to eat or sleep cause you were too busy writing some piece of code..
7- You stress the words IF, THEN .. ELSE.. while speaking..
8- You always search for the undo button (ctr+z) when u mistake in doing any handwritten stuff..
9- Most of your speech is not understood except by your colleagues in college or work..
10-You find yourself writing a semi-colon at the end of any sentence instead of a full stop;
11-You estimate lengths better in pixels than in meters & centimeters..
12-You use the eye-drops as frequent as you use the toothpaste...
13-The First words you write when trying sth new are "Hello World"...
14-You never used that device that looks like a computer screen & called "TV"
15-You -every now & then- wake up with the keyboard imprinted on your face..

(To be Continued...)

(Some Copied & some written... Copyright reserved)

1 comment:

Asmaa Magdi said...

nice one bgd (Y), ha2ollek r2ye fe kol wa7da :D

1- No I don't :P
2- Sometimes :D
3- yoooooooooh, keteeeeeeeeeeeeeer :D
4- Sometimes
5- mmmm, it's not that. but sometimes yes. sometimes I wish I had the osurce code to edit it and make it 3la mazagy ;)
6- sometimes (mesh keteer y3ny, sa3at bageeb el akl gamby wana bashta3'al :D).
7- :D, ma7'adtesh baly be sara7a.
8- yaaaaaaaaaaaaah, bgd this is soooooo right, and for me, it's not just the handwritten stuff. It's everything. like masalan lw el eesharb kan mazboot we geet fakeeto we baz menny bab2a :@ and really want the Ctrl+Z buttons.
9- mesh awy :D, bara3y bardo en fe nas mesh hatefham we keda :D.
10- Doesn't every1 do this :D;
11- mmmmmmmm. nope :D
12- ??
13- :D:D right.
14- no, i use it :P
15- yes sa3at, ayam mashroo3 el object last year :D.

Waiting for the rest :D:D