Thursday, May 01, 2008

Best & Worst Languages

Maybe when someone read the title, he
thinks that I will write here about the best & worst languages of all languages, which isn't a valid topic to talk about simply because there are no best & worst languages.. for every application there are best & worst languages to use to develop this application...

Anyway, what I wanted to share is that table in the post, I came through it while reading Code Complete , & I thought that this is what anybody would need before thinking about which language to use to develop/implement an application..
(ie: this is a common question for students starting to work on their graduation projects)..
I liked it, so thought about sharing it here..


Mohammed A.Aziz said...

Sine the IL has become a standard (Common) intermediate language, I don't think C# should be listed any more under the Cross-Platform.Worst languages ;)
Mono is one of the projects taking care of this :)
Anyway, nice mini-post ;)

Laila Hussein said...

Very Interesting! Thanks for sharing!