Thursday, May 29, 2008

MIT OpenCourseWare

That's reallly coool, maybe this news is from a while, but I just knew it now :)
MIT is opening its 1800 courses for free download (materials, audio & video) including graduate & undergraduate courses, Here is the link.. ENJOY :)


Mahmoud Zidan said...

yeah it's cool & i think that the os course u studied @ fcis was extracted from there, aslo this year arki course & another one @ csys

Roaa Mohammed said...

Thanks Dr Zidan for your comment, when I read about it, I searched & figured out that this was long ago!! ... but still I didn't know :D , so thought of sharing with those who 'don't know' like myself :) ..

I think that should be used by those who are still @ college 3alashan fe courses 3andena msh kewayesa 7'ales (esp 4th year), so they can get the contents & study themselves.. 3ala el 2a2al yeb2a el course eta7'ed bgd :D

& Thanks for the OS info, I didn't know it was MIT, but according to wt I learned, it is ;) :)