Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Assembly Project..

Today, was our Assembly project discussion..
First, About the project.. we were intending to make a text editor (Windows Application) then we were afraid that the Dr may not like that (as most code is invoking & using for Windows APIs using Assembly which is new for him -for sure).. so we decided to include Encryption & Decryption in it (just in case).. Anyway, we called our project "Texryptor" (Text Editor that encrypts & decrypts).. It doesnt look very nice --esp made in buttons not in menus cause we didn't have much time :( --
(but after all its windows application by Assembly ;) )

Anyway, Thank Allah the project discussion was good (Dr Kareem & Dr Mahmoud Hossam.. wt do u expect).. & Thank Allah that the Dr was praying when we entered...

I just want to mention sth.. sth that happened today to our colleagues.. They made a very nice project.. & when the Dr saw it.. he became angry & shouted at them "I didnt require that from u.. seems u got it from somewhere online.. & .. bla bla bla... !!!"
Really I'm very very angry.. I really can't find words to say but "7asby Allah w na3ma al wakeel"..

Anyway, Still the Algo is left tom isAllah... Allah Al Mosta3an...


Haytham Alaa said...

Alsalam alikom wa ra7mat Allah wa barakatoh,

Congratulations :)
No links ?

Alsalam alikom wa ra7mat Allah wa barakatoh

Roaa said...

w 3alikom el salam w r7mat Allah w baraktoh

I wished to have a complete text editor (made by assembly) cause I wanted you to see the difference in performance compared to the windows Notepad (it takes leessss memory while running)..

so, I was intending to do somethings in it before putting a link for it here.. (mainly menus instead of buttons), so thats y I didn't put a link..
If I didn't modify in it these days (b4 exams), then I'll put the link to the recent version (with buttons) isAllah..

thx for ur comment...

Asmaa Magdi said...

Waiting :D