Sunday, December 24, 2006

Prolog Project..

Today was my prolog exam & project discussion... Thank Allah, I did well..
Our Project is an implementation to A* Algorithm..
Here's a link to view our prolog project.. (of course, after my team mates permission ;) )
A* Algorithm Implementation using Prolog (5.2)
(Note: you must also download the pictures from here & unzip them to the D:\ directly)

Project Documentations

BTW, today was the best project discussion for me (since I entered FCIS).. I mean "best" by HOW the assistants discuss the project.. Today, I was not asked much neither was I left after hearing nth but "nice looks nice".. but instead we had a discussion about the Algorithm, some observations like "you'd better have done so & so....", how A* is used in games... etc.. (Dr Mahmoud showed me sth like our project idea made in C++ & animated.. it looked really gr8).. bgd Thanks a lot Dr Mahmoud Zeidan...

Anyway, Hope next projects are better isAllah..
oh, I almost forgot.. Waiting for ur feedbacks :)


Asmaa Magdi said...

mesh ba7eb ana el advertisements de :D
U know I'm so curious :D

Waiting :D

Roaa said...

m3lesh ya Asmaa.. asly sometimes need some motive (when many things goes wrong).. & writing so in my blog bey7amesny to have things done on time In Sha2 Allah.. (Hope so)..

Asmaa Magdi said...

Rabbena ma3aky ya RoRo. If this really motivates u then write as much ads as u want :D
I'll try to be patient :D

Mohammed A.Aziz said...

al salamo 3alikom wa ra7mato Allah,

very good work, although the exe didn't run, but the work seems gr8 from the screen shots

I'm getting that error:
Message:6005 (PROLOG.ERR can not be opened)"

wish u best luck coming exams, and second term n-sha2-Allah:D
enjoy ur time ;)
al salamo 3alikom wa ra7mato Allah

Roaa said...

m3lesh el emte7anat bet7'aly el wa7ed msh merakez..
Anyway, Its normal to get this error because the pictures (included in the project) are missing (A)..
well, if u r still interested u can get the pictures from here
& then unzip them directly to the D:\ drive..
Thx for the quick feedback..

Haytham Alaa said...

Alsalam alikom wa ra7mat Allah wa barakatoh,

Congratulations, it looks so neat masha2 Allah...

I still have some comments so far ;) :
1- If I've mistaken and want to clear just on square I can't.. maybe a Click-To-Toggle is nice...
2- Actually I didn't read about how A* Algorithm works before but I read there r some optmizations done for it, like "Simplified Memory A*"

BTW, I tried to make it crash, I made a dead path but not so easy to discover.. it started... and every second passes, I say "It'll crash.. it'll crash.." but it didn't... it gave me a note that either the time or the memory exceeded.. (TLE ;))

I don't want to look offensive... I just liked the work... Congratulations again...

Al 7amd lellah that u liked the discussion way, actually it's one of the main problems we have in the faculty.. I feel there r a lot of assistants following certain Routine work... al 7amd lellah there is still a light of hope..

I'm so so so so talkative... I'll go to have some fun with Simulation..

Alsalam alikom wa ra7mat Allah wa barakatoh.

Roaa said...

Well, about the algorithm efficiency & the TLE... wt made things worse is that we are implementing the algorithm with 'Prolog', backtracking & trying all solutions (Brute Force).. maybe it could have been implemented in a better way..

Anyway, thx for ur feedback..

Asmaa Magdi said...

be sara7a ana mesh 3arfa a-comment 3la el project till now le sabab wageeh geddan :D
I've uninstalled VS 2003 from my PC and was supposed to install 2005 (bass mekasela :$).
isAllah as soon as i install it i will comment. just wanted u to know enny metab3a y3ny :D ( bass mekasela bardo :D )

and HaPpY Birthdaaaaaaaaaaay :D
ba2eety twenteen ;)
have u enjoyed ur last days as a 19 years old girl as i told u ;) ??!!

Roaa said...

Thanks Asmaa for commenting & for remembering my BD as 75% of the my friends & family didn't (it came in a nice timing actually)..

Anyway, waiting for ur feedback..

Asmaa Magdi said...

tab betroddy 3laya leeh now :D, dana kont gaya amsa7 el comment (3shan el e7rag y3ny, el project tele3 mesh me7tag VS wala 7aga. ana bass elly by default tawaka3t keda :$:$:$)
Anyway, since u commented b2a, ana fata7to we 3amalt click fe morabba3 tele3 green flag, another click red flag, then wt b2a ??!!
each of the next clicks make a blue cell. what should i do :$??!!

Roaa said...

Bossy ya setty..
A* is used for path finding.. so..the red-flag is the start wel green-flag is the goal & any other blue ones are walls that u build (build walls where u want)
Then when u click on "get Path", a path is drawn between the two flags avoiding the walls (not only a path is found, but its also the shortest one)
This Algorithm is used in games.. check the link to wikipedia for more details..
BTW, u can customize the size of the grid from the "options" menu..
yalla,play with it as u wish :D ..

Asmaa Magdi said...

I'm afraid I have the same problem again. I can't find the "get path" that I should click :$:$.
It is not in any of the menues, and I can't see buttons or something :$:$.
I don't know wether it's the project or I need to wear glasses :D

Roaa said...

I was reading this post now again & I just thought why you "Asmaa" don't see the buttons.. I think its related with your screen resolution..

So late comment I know :)