Friday, December 15, 2006


Nowadays, we are at the end of the first semester & there are projects that we should do before the practical exams..
Time is really so limited & also the Doctors are not helpful at alll..

Algorithms project --> Minimum Spanning Tree (Prim's algo)
Assembly project --> still not done & also we are having many problems cause we are afraid from the Dr's reaction..
Prolog project --> Not Determined yet.. please if u have a good idea, let us know..

I just wanted to write this post as a kind of motive to myself cause I'm really upset from many things & I'm losing my spirit...
Pray for us please...
isAllah, I will send links for the projects after they are delivered..


Mohammed A.Aziz said...

al salamo 3alikom wa ra7mato Allah,

a good idea is to make the prolog project same as algorithm, that's making prim with prolog...
ideas in prolog such as games or whatever will cost u time, nice example is Sudoku.

About assembly, as i know Dr. (Ghazala) is friendly, in the lab exam as long as u understood what u did, then no problem...and u do ;)

wish u best of luck, Rabbena ywafa2kom
al salamo 3alikom wa ra7mato Allah

Roaa said...

w 3alikom el salam w r7mat Allah w barakatoh

Thanks a lot for ur comment.. It was really helpful.. we decided to implement an algorithm in prolog (Finding Path using A* Algorithm), Hope it works..

About the Assembly, Dr Mahmoud Hossam said the same words today,.. bgd Jazakom Allaho 7'ayran cause that relieved us a lot..

Rabena yewafa2kom fe SC too isAllah...

Asmaa Magdi said...

Rabbena ma3aky ya RoRo,
I wish I could Help. I'll just pray for u isAllah.

Rabbena yewafa2ko ALL