Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I am an MSP

I've just received a mail from a while from Mohammed Wahby (Reponsible for Academia programs at Microsoft) with an invitation to Microsoft Student Partners & now I am officially one of Microsoft Student partners (known as MSP)..

What is MSP?

The Microsoft Student Partner program consists of the brightest and most innovative student developers and technology enthusiasts from universities around the world.

As a Microsoft Student Partner you will get a set of global benefits:

  • Welcome Kit will include the following:
  • Certificate of Recognition
  • Microsoft Recruiting Opportunities
  • MSDN Premium Subscriptions
  • Access to Worldwide Microsoft Student Partners Website
  • Invitation to local Microsoft Events
  • Latest Products Training
    & more...
I really wish to make good use of this & help in spreading knowledge... I wish to make sth really different in my last year at FCIS.. Dreaming of Leaving Footprints in FCIS...


Asmaa Magdi said...

ur posts ketret ya RoRo :P:P:P:P:P

howa ana ta2reeban ha3eed nafs elly 2olto fel last post we fel last comment y3ny :D. bass ana sa3eeda wallahy enny ba2olo tany :D.

I'm very happy for u ya RoRo bgd 3la el opportunity de. we ana 3arfa enty 7assa be eh now.
zy e7sasek lamma ba2eety vice president. U r feeling responsility towards FCIS we towards el ACM we towards nafsek akeed. we e7sasek bel responsibility da howa bgd elly hay7'aleeky te3mely 7aga we te2dary te3mely difference. el wa7ed mesh just ya7'od manseb aw keda we yeb2a far7aan beeh. u r so responsible ma sha2 Allah we 3arfa en kol ma el wa7ed beya7'od position a3la kol ma beyetteleb menno 7agat aktar we beykoon 3leeh responsibilities aktar.
we konek b2a 3arfa el responsibilities de we me2adaraha da akbar daleel en MS kan 7azzohom 7elw fe ennohom chose u to be one of their representatives fe FCIS :D.

bass keda :D we a7eb ahdy el post elly gay ela al ahl wal akareb wal a7bab fe MS wa ela mo7'reg el bernameg wa gamee3 el 3ameleen beeh wa ela 7adretek taba3an ya RoRo we kol sana wenty tayeba be monasbet Ramadan (be e3tebar ma sayakoon y3ny isAllah :D) we kefaya keda b2a :D, c u tomorrow isAllah :D

Asmaa Magdi said...

by the way neseet a2ool 7aga mohemmaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

it's "an MSP" mesh "a MSP" :P:P
mesh 3arfa leeh ba2aly fatra basalla7 el a7'ta2 el emla2eya wel na7aweya lel nas :D:D:D

Roaa Mohammed said...

Thanks Asmaa.. changed now.. ;)

Sarah Elsayed said...

Al Salamo 3likom
Realy nice post RoRo :D :D :D
we rabena ye3enek we yewafa2ek fe el position dah isAllah
i am very happy mooooooot :D:D:D:D:D...
we begad ente ya RoRo testa7eke kol 7`ir
BTW da2emaa

Asmaa Magdi said...

la22aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, 7e'yanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,

eh RoRo de :|:|:|. RoRo de beta3ty ana :|. U may call her roro ok, rOrO mashy, even ROROR mafeesh mashakel. bass RoRo de is mine ana we bass :huuh

Sarah Elsayed said...

Al Salamo 3likom
ma3lesh ya tote ||ROORo||Roo2aa
ana ha3ala2 3ala semsemah
3ashan e7na fe ramadan bas
we 3ateber nafse fe blog
el beet betak :D:D:D
sa3at ya semsemah ana badala3ek be more than one name
semsemah ,bosy,mooo2a,bosbos,...
asle ba7eb el tanwe3
yala ba2a esmek eh el nahardah:D

Nosayba said...

"RoRo" :D
Awalan thank you so much for taking from your precious time to read my modest story and post your nice comment, I am truly flattered :)

thaneyan lool @ Assma Magdi's comments, and btw assma I also found myself suddenly correcting spelling and grammar issues, mesh 3arfa malna mesh sayben el nas fe 7alha :D

Mabrook for your MSP Roaa :-)
I haven't heard of similar invitations around here..I admire FCIS so much begad you guys really konw wats going on and u have wide contributions in the world of IT, or 3ala el 2a2al thats what I've felt. Around here I feel that academically the atmosphere is not that encouraging but I'm not underestimating kuwait university at all bel3aks comp engineering here is challenging in many ways and i feel that i've gained a lot alhamdulelah :) Bas ya3ny, you guys ROCK awalan wa akheran :)

Salamy to masr, om eldonia :*

Roaa Mohammed said...

First, Thanks so much Nosayba for ur comment (btw we have a friend of the same name & we call her "Nosnos", will that do?? :D)

Second, my comment was nth but the truth cause I really liked ur post so much.. waiting for more.. :)

Third, Why didn't you say when you were in Egypt, we could have met :) ... next time in shaa Allah ;)

Fourth, If you checked the website you will find that you can be an MSP in Kuwait.. but maybe the company doesn't give that enough care there.. btw, its the first time to be done here in Egypt..

Hope to c u again here :)

Asmaa Magdi said...

aslan mesh hate3rafy te2oleeha zayee :P. ana ba2olha YoYo :D :P :$