Sunday, September 02, 2007

MS Internship.. (3)

We were back again to Microsoft to start our 2nd month (start working on our projects)..
That day we had a meeting with Mohammed Karam (from ITWorx) explaining to us how things will go..
Well, They wanted to make a simulation for us for a real working environment, so they were going to divide us into teams randomly , assign projects randomly & assign supervisors randomly too.. (In real life you don't choose those you're gonna work with ;) or the project u gonna work on )
Another thing that they mentioned & I really liked, they considered that its non-ethical for any companies to let its trainees work on real project for the company & get profit from that (Actually all companies in Egypt does so).. so, the projects we will be working on will not be sold in the market, they are just for us as a trainees..
Anyway, We were divided to teams & assigned different projects.. The projects ideas were really challenging.. Our projects supervisors were from ITWorx stuff too (btw that company is really a company to respect)..
We started working on our projects during all that month, it was really a gr8 experience, gr8 team & gr8 supervisors really..
Our Last day at Microsoft was 28th of August, the next day we went to ITWorx to make a presentation about our project in front of some of the ITWorx crew & Today 3/9 is our final presentation there too in shaa Allah..
Tomorrow -in shaa Allah- is the closing ceremony at Microsoft, we will be showing our projects & there will be lots of things that I will narrate in the next post in shaa Allah ;)

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