Monday, September 17, 2007

Windows Live SkyDrive

Microsoft is offering you 500MB free space to upload & share your files, also including some other features like :: getting back to recently visited files, Thumbnail images, dragging & dropping ur files & embedding you stuff anywhere with html links..

In my opinion, It looks professional than any other files sharing website.. Try it..


Quentin CAVIGNAUX said...

Hi Roaa, It's the first time I visit your blog ;) MSP from France tell you hello !
Did you never use SkyDrive ?
I think it is not today really perform because not enough usefull to use.
I prefer again use Gmail drive, a virtual drive in Desktop is easier today.
Hope MS do the same to the next preview ;)

Roaa Mohammed said...

Welcome Quentin to my blog.. nice to c u around :)
yes I used SkyDrive & it is nice (esp it is fast).. maybe additional features will be competitive to the gmail drive or anything else..
Anyway, Microsoft still has the chance as it is still in Beta ;)

Diablos said...

Well, Thanx a lot Ro2a for this, but don't you think that still has the lead in this ???
It is a lot more ajaxified, we can see the progress for everything we make, you just feel a lot more like using a desktop application over the web browser...

aah, and for quentin, I just didn't use the Gmail drive for a while, are you know able to share files with friends or making them public ???

Roaa Mohammed said...

Well, you are right.. till now is better.. esp space allocated for each user is more than the double (1GB).. yet in SkyDrive the max file size is 50MB while in its limited to 10MB..

Hesham A.Megid said...

By the way, SkyDrive now gives you 1 GB of free storage not 500 MB.

Roaa Mohammed said...

Thanks Hesham for the info.. actually that post was written from about a month, at that time it was 500MB..
Thanks for keeping me updated :)