Saturday, September 01, 2007

MS Internship.. (2)

Well, I'll be continuing on the previous post..
After the assessment test (which I heard was done that way due to confusion between management internship & ours) but anyway we started to understand more how the internship will go..
MS believes that other internships are not done in the right way (actually they are absolutely right), as trainees come to the company & as usual the company either handles them any trivial work to do or they involve them in real projects & in both cases, the trainee has to depend on himself to learn & gain the experience..
So, According to the previous things.. MS internship was divided to 2 months.. The first month we will be attending sessions made specially for us & the second one will be a project we will be working on..
In the 1st month, They choose the topics of the sessions so that they cover the things that we all don't take in college & in the same time, are so much needed when u enter & work in the market.. The start of the sessions was very nice, it started with "Time management" course driven to us by Logic (one of the biggest management consulting companies in egypt - people who goes to zedny knows that ;) ).. It was really one of the most sessions that I liked (I'll leave talking about it in a separate post).. then we switched to different topics :: networking (infrastructure & core structure) , MSF , VSTS, Testing, Business intelligence, MOF... & more

Another thing, the sessions were "not" given to us by people from Microsoft, they were given to us by people from MS partners.. Logic, & OMS.. that's wt I remember now.. maybe anyone will think this is a bad thing, actually this is from the things I really liked in that internship (I'll tell u why later)

Anyway, The 1st month passed & It was nice, one did learn new things & esp I got to know the people I am taking the internship with more.. btw, we are about 20-23 persons from different universities.. 90% from us are going to their last year in college.. It was really so nice to know such people, its one of the best things that I gained from that internship..

To be continued in shaa Allah...


Asmaa Magdi said...

can't wait to read this comming post ;)

Asmaa Magdi said...

awalan a7eb awada7 lel commentors en el comment el awalany da kont katbaah 3shan Roaa kanet sayba el post fady we katba "Coming Soon" :D

da bass 3shan el nas tefham my first comment :D

second :D, ana shakly hafdal waiting bardo :P. I need details :huuh.

bass I really liked the way this internship went. y3ny training el nas el awel then ask them to work in a project (Y).

yalla waiting for more ;)